No to Maastricht on Sea!!

On 21 September the world saw in 134 countries wake up events where people called to point out to their government the importance of a Climate Treaty that is to be ambitious, fair and binding. On the Markt in Maastricht we had a “flashmob” as well, covered by local TV, radio and newspapers. On 24 October a small action took place in Liege.

Apart from the national manifestation in Utrecht on 12 December we will have on the Markt and in the inner town of Maastricht a broad action as part of the TckTckTck-campaign.

  • There will be short speeches (counsilors Costongs and Hazeu, besides a lector from Maastricht University) and music by music group, different musicians and choir. At the marketplace and in the shopping streets a well sounding climat”chord” will be heard which will be played on the carillon as well. A tower with colourfull banners will be erected.

  • Demonstrative bicycle circuits will draw attention on sustainable transport in the urban environment.

  • Green Footprints: footprints will be gathered by pupils of primary schools when travelling to and from school in a sustainable way. These will be offered to the counsilor of the municipality, as well some Loveletters and drawings.

  • Stel je voor (Imagine): pupils of primary school will draw up their imagination of the future

  • Loveletters to the Future: pupils of secondairy school will leave messages to their childrens-children witnessing our time and acting.

  • Connections: via webconnections the manifestation in Maastricht will be visible in Utrecht and in Copenhague.The climate change in the Philippines will be visible in Maastricht and be discussed with a representative of a Philippinian politician.

  • Icebear game on the Markt: the game will show in a playfull manner what happens to icebears when the ice mass will melt and what happens to people living on the delta, where the river mouthes te sea. Players may suggest counteractions to sea level rise.

  • Flyers: flyers with abstract and practical information will be spread to the public in the shopping streets while the choir thrills the ears with the climat”chord”.

Contact NtMaZ via: Sander van Asseldonk, Leo Maathuis or via the website.

Action meetings: every Wednesday, 20:00 h, Kandans, Kesselskade 62

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